Monday, 25 September 2017

Describing an Image

There is a gigantic turtle with his four legs touching the ocean. The elephant has four tree legs. There is a old man with a smoky beard. There is a helecopter flashing lights at the buildings and at the mountains. There is a girl with a yellow ladder touching the window. Then there was a girl holding three hot air balloons. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017



The moon

The moon is a rock which orbits a planet. Jupiter and Saturn have more than 60 moons. The moon is the brightest object. Neptune has 13 moons and the moon is 238,900 miles and the is smaller then earth no one has visited the moon more then 41 years. The earth only has one moon and you will have to travel around the earth 9 and a half day.the moon changes shapes in a day. The moon has something called fazes. The moon has dayside and nightside and as the moon travels around the earth. The moon has holes in the moon. The moon orbits the earth in a month. On a moon you can jump and walk on it.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


On Tuesday morning as Room 24 walked among the school to go to Harold’s  truck, the sun was shining. When we got there we took off our shoes and lined them up under the bench seats to stop them from getting wet. 

First Room 24 walked up the stairs, went in the truck and lined up on two sides. When we sat down, Lyn got Harold, who was about to go to the park. Lyn showed us a video of Harold going to the park.  Next she asked us questions about Harold and his friends at the park. We talked about how to be a good friend. Lastly Room 24 left the truck and grabbed our shoes and lined up outside. It felt brilliant because we got to learn about exciting stuff like being a good friend and being a good friendly person.

Friday, 4 August 2017

My monster spyro

My monster has sharp claws, big wide teeth and big long legs. He is 97 years old and he is the strongest monster on earth. His name is Spyro and he is friendly to people. His favourite food is fish and chips and his favourite drink is juice. His favourite thing to do is scare people from the shop and he loves buying pets at the pet store. He sleeps until the afternoon and stays a wake until night and goes to the pools and goes bowling to get a strike. Sometimes he plays games like flappy bird, PAC man and guitar and goes home and watches movies at night. 

Then he went to  sleep at 4pm and wakes up at night but suddenly a boy came and tried to fight him but he couldn't so spyro didn't do anything and he never came back to the house so spyro watched a movie called boss baby. Then it was the morning and he watched another movie and another person came and tried to steal spyros PlayStation but lucky spyro woke up and spyro didn't do anything again and he went back to sleep. Then he woke up and his bed was gone then he saw a piece of a nip and he went to his kitchen and saw a person and the person was don't hurt me I will leave and never ever steal your bed and never came back and spyro said I don't care and he went to the shops to buy his favourite food delicious fish and chips he bought two packets he went home and ate all of the food and had a full stomach. So he watched movie and kept on watching the movie and he kept on watching.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Matariki Story

On Friday last week we had a Matariki Day. I was with Mr J and we made a movie - we called it "A Matariki Story."

Here it is. Please leave a comment!