Friday, 15 June 2018

The seven sisters

Once there lived seven sisters that lived in a valley.they made kites for harvest.
One day the seven sisters that made there kites.The first sister made a green kite then the second one made a orange kite.the third sister made a pink kite from manuka tree.The fourth sister made a red kite from puriri tree. The fifth sister made a blue kite the colour of the river.the sixth sister made a white kite from the toetoe tree the seventh sister made a colourful kite They took their kite up the hill to fly there kite but there was no wind so they decide to go sleep.Suddenly the kites blew away after a while Matariki woke up and cried the the six sisters woke up from the sound of matariki crying. The sisters looked up high in the sky and saw theire kites.The kite went past the twinkling stars the kites were like the stars.

The end.

My Catapult

 On Monday Morning theblock made a catapult we used popsicle sticks and  we used pompoms and sellotape for our ammunition people launched every where people hid under chairs and tables. After that we had a challenge first the teachers shouted out the in the Girls went first Miss teleso piked ten girls miss king put a square in the middle.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Going to the zoo

Last Week We Went to the zoo. The block went on the bus to get to the zoo when we got there we had to get off the bus to line up to go into the zoo when we got into the zoo we went to the start where we have morning tea and lunchtime. Then we walk around the zoo i saw a red panda when i walked past it was so fun we had Morning tea and then we went to the birds it was so fun because a big fat bird was sitting in front of us.When i was at the bug lab it was so cool because they were flying still up high. We had our lunch and walked around the zoo i saw a alligator and a flamingo the flamingo was standing still balaneing with on leg the alligator was down in the green water.Then we hopped on the bus and arrived at school.I felt happy because i got to see animals.