Thursday, 10 August 2017


On Tuesday morning as Room 24 walked among the school to go to Harold’s  truck, the sun was shining. When we got there we took off our shoes and lined them up under the bench seats to stop them from getting wet. 

First Room 24 walked up the stairs, went in the truck and lined up on two sides. When we sat down, Lyn got Harold, who was about to go to the park. Lyn showed us a video of Harold going to the park.  Next she asked us questions about Harold and his friends at the park. We talked about how to be a good friend. Lastly Room 24 left the truck and grabbed our shoes and lined up outside. It felt brilliant because we got to learn about exciting stuff like being a good friend and being a good friendly person.

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  1. Hi Jordan

    That is a cool Harold picture, that is a cool writing and

    Thanks for sharing on your blog

    Love from: jayla and jade