Friday, 9 June 2017


Last week team 2 went to the museum to learn about Moari new year When we arrived it was a enormous museum. First we ate our morning tea  in the Kai room. I ate a  cookie. After I ate my morning tea, I put my bag in the cage. After that we went to the weird and wonderful room and we explored around the room . I saw spiders, a buffalo and a polar bear. In the lesson, room 24 learned  about animals. The first one was a pekapeka that is a bat . The 2nd one was a parrot, the third one was a kiwi and the other one was an owl. After that we made a ipu. I felt amazed because I learnt a lot on the trip to the museum .



  1. Hi Jordan do now that I am you best friend at school by witari

  2. Sup JORDAN I like your work because you are very very smart was it fun when I bumped you over was it ok or wasn't ok from KYZEL

  3. I'm your best friend am I or not your best friend

  4. Hi Jordan l like your picture from the museum
    From: Jayla