Friday, 14 February 2020


At the entrance of caving nerve racking scared. ready to go down it looked super fun looking at it right there with my eyes. Saying to my friends “are you ready you look scared” I replied It's okay were here.

Going down into a blackout with a torch on my head holding the rope was Super fun going down. I could feel water going inside my shoes. It felt like I was sliding. It was deep down where I could see nothing at all.

30 minutes later I could see something. I could see heaps of water so when I got there I went on a platform from where I could bomb in the water. I got tired so I looked for an exit to lead to my cabin To rest my shaky legs and Eat some delicious food. And get some rest for some more that I can go caving again later that day.

When I found the exit I was exhausted. From walking and swimming nearly all day long. When I went inside the house I first had a shower after that I ate. Then slept for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 1 hour later they woke me up Yawning and they said “Let's go caving again! So we got ready Put on our suits, our waterproof shoes and off we went to the cave. We decided to go backwards. Instead of going from the entrance all the way at the top. So we went backwards. We started from swimming to climbing up the rope. 1 hour and 30 minutes later we got to the top. Since we weren't tired from the long rest we had. We went down the rope and in the water and through the exit door. Going home to do some more stuff so we can visit another caving spot somewhere else.

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